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A Starship Sheet for the RPG Rogue Trader, in english.

French version

This sheet will help you keeping track of your starship in Rogue Trader. It's not final yet, and I put it here so it will be tested, and I will get some feedback.

The shape of this sheet was inspired to me by this character sheet.

On the second page, I put extra-informations, such as the list of Extended Actions, the differences between Lance and Macro-Batteries. That will help my players, I hope it will help yours too.

You will find two files to download, an Excel one (my working file) and a PDF one (for printing). The Excel files is available on the french post (it contains both versions of the sheet)

Current version : 0.2.1 (02/02/2010)

If possible, please respond on the forums where I posted the announce of this sheet, or by mail.