My Games

I’m french. And this blog and many things I write are in french. But this page is in english.

Some of the games I wrote, I’ve made them available in english. They’re all listed here, and if you click on the pictures you’ll be sent to the pages introducing you to those games.

If any other game I made is appealing to you, but you can’t understand the french language, drop me a message about it! I’ll see what I can do!

Facing the Titan
After the Accident
Final Lap
The Case that will make the Headlines
Gangs of Mutants of New York

Mysteries for the Road

A series of mysteries for occult contemporary games, written for Monster of the Week but easily adaptable.

Grumpy Bear
The Protector of Saint-Bernard
No Rest for the Majorettes
A Taste of Paradise
The Fountain of Wrath

Fiasco playsets

Wild & Exotic
The Chaos Cup
Green Zone

For other games…

The Hollow Knight, for Dungeon World
In the Hell of Jade, for Swords Without Master

My concept games

Games with particular concepts. One-page RPGs. Games for james. Unfinished games. Maybe they’ll stay this way. Maybe I’ll get them back on the worktable to reshape them. Who knows? Feel free to check on me about them!

Foxtrot Whisky
Wrestler Troubadour Fisherman
Over the top rope!
The ROCKs saving the ROCKYverse!
Crime Scene Investigators