Facing the Titan

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To my english readers. This blog is my personal blog, where I talk mainly about games, but not only. Most of the texts are in French, but you will find some articles in English. Everything about Facing the Titan is available in both English and French. Thank you for passing by!

Facing the Titan is a GM-less roleplaying game I’m working on since summer 2018. I decided to make it a complete RPG quite quickly, and therefore to have illustrations that would make the game more attractive. That’s why I decided to have this game funded on Kickstarter.

The illustrations are all Roger Heal’s work.

The Kickstarter campaign

What is it about ?

In Facing the Titan, you play the Companions. These heroes meet again after months or even years of separation. The time has come to confront the Titan.

The game is GM-less. All players will play as Companions, and each will have the same degree of control over the story and the setting. After choosing a Titan, the game starts with a world building phase. Then, in five successive phases, you will discover different aspects:

  • The Companions Phase lets you discover the characters you will play.
  • The Titan Phase lets you discover the Titan, to improve its presentation.
  • The World Phase lets you tell the story of the world through the journeys of the Companions.
  • The Preparation Phase shows what each Companion has prepared for the upcoming battle.
  • The Clash Phase is used to stage the final battle

This role-playing game does not offer any tactical challenges or riddles to solve. It’s a game of imagination, of storytelling. There are no mechanisms for action resolution, as can be found in many RPGs. Instead, it proposes mechanisms that orient the story towards specific themes, as can be found in Fiasco or Swords Without Master.

You can find all the articles dedicated to the game by following this link.

Lofituina, by Roger Heal

We’re talking about it…

I’ve started to talk about the game on various english communities, that you can find here:

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