Créateur. Citoyen. Je soutiens le Front Populaire

Hi fellow english readers ! Thanks for checking out about Facing the Titan. The game is currently being tested in France, and in French, so the following pictures will feature french text (and title). But don't worry : the game will still be available in english. Mid-march, I'm planning to start working on a demo-draft before launching the kickstarter.

I recently started to rework some aspects of the game, such as the 6 mini-settings that will go along the 6 Titans. And I also finally got my hand on the beautiful Titans illustrations by Roger Heal.

So I've started to work on the layout. Some graphic tests, to try out some softwares, some ideas because the true layout work will wait the final version of the text. Here are some tests about the cover (illustration by Roger Heal) :

I have some ideas for the inside of the book, in black & white. I don't have the talent nor the budget to get an heavy illustrated book. So here are some layout tests. I plan to add some stock-art illustrations to fill the void, but my main work is on "how to display the text" (in french) :

Feel free to comment these images. What do you like, what you don't. If you have links to some good ideas, post them !

Thanks for your interest, and come back soon for more news about Facing the Titan !