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This year, #RpgADay is changing his style. Forget the questions and move on to a list of words, to be interpreted as we see fit. A little like the Inktober. And that's good, too!

I have chosen to pay tribute to one of my favourite games, Fiasco. Every day of August (with a little delay after a disconnected vacation), I will offer a list of 6 elements that you can use to replace a category in any playset.

You will find below the first four lists. Then every day, on Twitter, I will publish a new list. I will write a recap here regularly, and I will publish it in a printable format at the end of August.

First, Unique, Engage & Share

Let's start with a place that will suit any modern playset.

Then it's a list of objects, perfect for a slightly rural playset (FlyOver for example).

Then we address needs. Needs in perfect harmony with Tales from Suburbia, or any other playset taking place around Poppleton.

And some more needs ...

By the way, did you see that?

The new version of Fiasco is on Kickstarter. It's in card format, and it's definitely exciting. I discovered this when I came back from vacation, when I had already planned my list of words. I can't wait to find out more about it!