Créateur. Citoyen. Je soutiens le Front Populaire

It was a long time since I last joined a jam on, and submitted a new game to it. As I read and enjoyed Badger+Coyote, some ideas for hack came to my mind.

When I saw that a jam was launched around the Badger+Coyote SRD, I started to write down my ideas, to organize them.

But time being what is is (a soulless bitch!), I didn't have time to properly finish what I had in mind. I nonetheless published a very alpha version of my game to the jam, with a silly cover made in, and a basic layout.

The game is called This is Bigfoot. They're my best friend! (yes, te cover image has another title). It's about Jody, a little girl, and her best friend Bigfoot. It's about that relationship and the fun adventures they will have thanks to you!

Have fun reading and (maybe) playing it. I plan to enhance it, to get more stuff and a better layout/style in the coming months, and any feedback is welcomed!