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A few months ago, I talked about the Gauntlet and all the podcasts available on Jason Cordova's Youtube channel.

I still listen to this. I find great pleasure in following the stories of the Latchkeys of Deep Lake (and I'm curious to get on the second campaign and see how it changes), as well as the Hunters of Hargrave House and their venusian foe (missing Mr. Constantine, tho). But, today, I want to talk about the Ninth Step.

The Ninth Step is a Brindlewood Bay campaign, whose goal was to use all the material produced during the Kickstarter campaign : the town, the Children of Persephone, the Servitors, the new Moves, the Sweep Week Mysteries and al.

Jason Cordova acts as the GM, and we can find Alex (co-host of the Darkened Threshold) as a player. Other participants are Amanda, Chaotic and Wes, all members of the Gauntlet community.

Well, it was a tremendous time spent with this group and their Murder Mavens.

First, the cast is great. The four players and Mavens (and Jason, as Keeper) have great chemistry. The flow of ideas and improvisations is really pleasant, and we feel the trust they have among themselves. Having the Stars & Wishes debrief of each section is a great tool to feel that, and to learn more about the game and the relationships around the table.

I really liked how each Mavens was really different from the others, but in the meantime, how they all care for each other. Rosemary path through paranoia and darkness (and her journey with Dalrymple), the no-nonsense Alice and her voice of reason, Muriel and her multiple anecdotes, as well as her relationship with Isaiah Langsmore and Lucario Montez (the finale, excellent!), and Doll, and her innocence, the Dildo jokes, Gerald.

There is so much to talk about what happen in this campaign. John Malkovich. The pumpkin explosion. Gerald. Percy. Lights out during christmas. The Hex Files. The GBBO !

I personnaly listen to it during walks or in public transports, and I often laugh out loud. LOL. Because scenes and moments were hilarious. I couldn't keep that under wrap.

It was also great to discover mysteries I played but with another perspective. Especially Have yourself a merry little murder and All Hallows Scream. And, of course, Dad Overboard and the special guest star !

I truly feel like a TV show, and the conclusion is top notch. Each character could shine and had a great exit.

Thanks to all five of the participants.

Go listen to that series if you didn't already !