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====== Geckos wiki ====== Geckos is a card editor, created to help have card for games (miniatures, roleplaying, ...). At first, I was using Magic Set Editor, and made several templates. But some limitations got me to think of my own engine. Geckos is still in its first steps, so many functions are not implemented, so feel free to express your needs, to report bugs, to question the software through the [[|Issues]] page. This wiki will help you use Geckos. ===== How to Use ===== Here is some documentation on how to use Geckos : * [[.:howto:Open_with_default_template]] ===== Video Tutorials ===== Here's a list of video tutorials that can help you master Geckos : - [[|A1 - How to create a Card]] ===== Tutorials ===== This wiki will host tutorials describing how to create cards for the Geckos engine. - [[.:tutorial:Tutorial01|Creating a card from scratch]] (Blood Bowl Star Player card) - [[.:tutorial:Tutorial02|Playing with SVG & Colors]] (Arabesque card) ==== Hints & Tips ==== Here are some snippets of //template code// that cover some clever use of the engine, or some frequent questions / needs : * [[Hints & Tips#image_from_the_user_in_a_non-rectangular_frame|Image from the user in a non-rectangular frame]] ===== Templates ===== [[.:template:start|Templates]] are the heart of geckos. Without them, geckos is useless. They define what the user can define for each card, and how that information is displayed on the generated card. This wiki will host the documentation on how to create a template. What properties are available, how a file is built, what can I add to enhance a template ? If something is missing, feel free to create an [[|Issue]] with the label **Wiki**. ===== Configuration ===== You can configure your installation of Geckos by modifying some Javascript files. Let's start with the [[.:configuration:config.js]].

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