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 <code javascript>​ <code javascript>​
 "​canvasFields":​ [ "​canvasFields":​ [
-    {"​type":"​rect",​ "​width":​ 330, "​height":​40,​ "​left":​5,​ "​top":​450,​ "​fill":"#​B1E29E",​ "​stroke":"#​000000", "​visible":​ "?​isDisplayed"},+    {"​type":"​rect", "​visible":​ "?​isDisplayed", "​width":​ 330, "​height":​40,​ "​left":​5,​ "​top":​450,​ "​fill":"#​B1E29E",​ "​stroke":"#​000000"​},​
 ] ]
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +==== Not value ====
 +What if you need to get the inverse result of the checkbox ? Then, you can add the code ''?​!isNot''​ to get the inverse result. If your checkbox ''​isNot''​ is checked, it will return ''​false''​.
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