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====== Checkbox fields ====== **Checkbox** fields are useful when an information on the card is a choice between Yes or No. A _Checkbox_ is created. A default choice defines if the Checkbox is checked or not, and the user can change it to modify the value on the card. <code javascript> "fields": [ { "name": "trueornot", "label": "True ?", "type" : "checkbox", "default": true } ] </code> To set a field to the **Checkbox** type, set the ''type'' property to ''checkbox''. The ''default'' property can then be set to ''true'' or ''false'' (and not anymore to a text value). ===== Using the variable ===== Inside the canvas, some properties are set to a boolean (for example, ''visible''). Set such a field to the text value ''"?trueornot"'' (using your field name), and it will be converted to the boolean value corresponding to the state of the checkbox. Useful to hide / show a field on a card.

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