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Multiline Text Input fields

Multiline Text Input fields are text areas in which a user can write a big amount of text, with line breaks if desired. This text can then be passed to the card to be displayed.

"fields": [
    { "name": "myfieldname", "label":"My field", "default": "Default value", "type": "multiline", "lines": 5 } 

The lines property set the number of rows the textarea is displayed with. This value is optional and set by default to 4.

Using the variable

With each Multiline Text input field created, a variable is created. To use it in the canvasFields, have the value of a property set to the string $myfieldname. It will be replaced by the value set in the field.

A Canvas Textbox object is better to host the result of such a variable.

You can use specific Advanced Variables to access and edit the text of that field (upperCase, lowerCase, …).

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