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====== Multiline Text Input fields ====== **Multiline Text Input** fields are text areas in which a user can write a big amount of text, with line breaks if desired. This text can then be passed to the card to be displayed. <code javascript> "fields": [ { "name": "myfieldname", "label":"My field", "default": "Default value", "type": "multiline", "lines": 5 } ] </code> The ''lines'' property set the number of rows the textarea is displayed with. This value is optional and set by default to 4. ===== Using the variable ===== With each **Multiline Text input** field created, a variable is created. To use it in the ''canvasFields'', have the value of a property set to the string ''$myfieldname''. It will be replaced by the value set in the field. A [[Canvas Textbox]] object is better to host the result of such a variable.

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