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 +====== Numeric Input fields ======
 +**Numeric Input** fields are text areas in which a user can input a number value. This number value can then be used to interact with the canvas fields. Note that this type of input can sometimes behave differently [[http://​​feat=input-number|depending on your browser]].
 +<code javascript>​
 +"​fields":​ [
 +    { "​name":​ "​myfieldname",​ "​label":"​My field",​ "​default":​ 44, "​type":​ "​number"​ } 
 +The ''​default''​ property here is set to a numeric value (without quotes), and is important. If the user puts a non-numeric value in the input (depending of the browser, it can possible), the default value will be used.
 +===== Using the variable =====
 +With each **Numeric input** field created, a variable is created. To use it in the ''​canvasFields'',​ have the value of a property set to the string ''&​myfieldname''​. It will be replaced by the value set in the field. Note that this value will a numeric one, and cannot be used for the ''​text''​ property, for instance. But it is totally valid for a ''​fontSize'',​ ''​width'',​ or ''​fontWeight''​.
 +You still can get a string value from this variable, using the [[Advanced String Variables]]. By using the string ''​$myfieldname$''​ in such a variable, you'll get the numeric value as a string.
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