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====== How to install Geckos ? ====== **If you just want to use Geckos, well, that's not for you. Geckos works online, and [[|is available to everyone]]. If you want to install Geckos to better understand how it works, and to modify it, well, you're in the good place.** In this short tutorial, I will show you how to install Geckos on your computer, to work with it and edit or create some templates. ==== Github Repository ==== The source code of Geckos is available on [[|Github]]. If you're a member of Github (or if you wish to become one, it's free), check out that guide [[|on how to fork a project]]. If you just want to get the source code, here's [[|another guide]]. Once you get the source code of Geckos on your computer, you should be able to launch it. Go in the ''src'' directory, and open the ''index.html'' file within your favorite web browser. It should work ... with Firefox ... ==== Running on a local web server ==== Chrome and Internet Explorer / Edge don't work great on a local Geckos because of some loading functions that are considered "threatening" in local mode (nothing to worry, it's just a safety they put). Also, in order to test your local Geckos, you'll need to put up a local web server. If you're a web developer, you should know how to do it. [[|Here's a link that could help if you don't know what to do]]. ==== And now ? ==== Well, your Geckos installation should run. Alter it, modify it, test it. It's a free project ! And if you think that your modifications are great, share them ! The project accept the [[|Pull Requests]] ! You can also contact me on Github or elsewhere !

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