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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +Editing manually this file is helpful when you want to display / use only a couple of templates. In this example, two templates only are loaded by Geckos.
 +If you don't reference your template in this file, it won't appear on the UI.
 +==== Resource Files ====
 +Many templates use external resource files. You could embed them as [[..:​template:​dataurl_variables|DataURL]],​ but external files are easier to maintain and use in development mode.
 +External files for a template are better all in one place. In the ''​src/​js/​templates''​ directory, create a subdirectory named ''​mytemplate''​. You will put your images and other external files there.
 +When you references those files in your templates, the starting point is coming from ''​src''​ directory. It should look like this in the template : 
 +<code javascript>​
 +"​path":​ "​./​js/​templates/​mytemplate/​myfile.png"​
 +Again, look at existing templates to learn a few tips !
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